Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Strawberry Fields

 It's Strawberry Season in southern California and that means delicious fresh strawberries are taking center stage in our kitchen.  Enjoy our wild baby greens salad with strawberries, feta, and champagne-orange vinaigrette, or try our chilled strawberry basil soup shooters for a savory addition to any meal. As an appetizer on the sweeter side enjoy freshly picked strawberries stuffed with ginger cream cheese and fresh mint. And of course, strawberries truly shine as dessert!  Our cake goddesses are taking advantage of the season with strawberry macrons, strawberry short cake, strawberry pie and chocolate dipped strawberries too!
Our mixologists are also joining in on the fun! You're guests will be pleasntly surprised to sip on our house-made strawberry tequila, a strawberry basil martini, or a refreshing strawberry and ginger cooler.
Cheers to Strawberry Season!