Monday, June 18, 2012

Mac n' Cheese

If you've ever been to an event where Colette's was catering and happened to have the privilege of sampling (possibly by stealing it off of the children's meal) some of our delicious macaroni & cheese, than you too are probably suffering from a mild addiction. We've seen adult men ask if it's possible to have a kids plate rather then their intended "adult" dinner. So in response to this overwhelming love of Colette's famous mac n' cheese we're devoting this blog post to just that!

There's absolutely no reason the adults can't relish in our decadent mac n' cheese at any event. There's nothing that says you cant serve macaroni and cheese at your wedding or even a conference, trust us we checked. And as macaroni and cheese grows in popularity we've come up with our own twists on this classic comfort food that dress it up for any occasion!
 One recipe we've been making for years is our delicious mac n' cheese bites, these fried balls of ooey gooey goodness (which can be made with bacon as well!) are perfect as a tray passed appetizer paired with marinara for dipping.
Presentation plays a large part in taking this kid's meal favorite to an adult's meal time dream.  For instance serving this classic in a martini glass knocks it up a decade or two. For even more fun you can try serving up a Mac n' Cheese Martini Bar, very similar to our  Mashed Potato Martini Bar.
Our chefs also love playing with all of the great flavor combos that lend itself mac n' cheese. This goes far beyond cheddar people.
With smoked gouda, roasted chicken, and peas baked in your mac n' cheese do you really need anything else in life? Or how about a three cheese mac with tomato and bread crumbs on top. It is one of those magical foods that has few limitations.

Something else we really love is individual mac n cheese, baked in ramekins for the perfect serving size. Who wouldn't want someone to place one of these gorgeous things in front of them at dinner.

 And put those individual mac n' cheeses on a station and you might have a frenzy on your hands(don't worry our servers are used to it)!

For an even greater nostalgic treat combine our other favorite classic, the grilled cheese, with macaroni and cheese and it'll change your life!

And for your mac n' cheese eating delights check out this list of beer pairings courtesy of;

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar: Built on an English brown ale base, this beer has an extra hazelnut kick that really sings with the nutty flavors of the cheddar and gruyere cheese.
New Glarus Fat Squirrel: Another beer with a pronounced hazelnut character, this one has a bit more bitterness and roasted flavor than the Rogue beer. The added English hops give a shout-out to the sage and clear away the sauce.
Schell's Oktoberfest: A 2010 GABF gold medal winner, this is a beautiful example of the style. Toasty caramel malt brings out the sweetness of the sauce, while the spicy flavors of continental hops offer a tasty counterpoint.
Paulaner Oktoberfest-Märzen: The original Oktoberfest beer, Paulaner is light with a clean, dry finish. The subtle sweetness enhances the sauce, but really lets the cheese come through.
English Pale Ales
Samuel Smith's India Ale: This classic English IPA is bitter, but balanced and a great partner for cheddar cheese. The flavor-marriage with this dish creates an interesting floral offspring. It's sharp enough to cut through the creamy sauce.
Fuller's ESB: Smooth caramel malt with a balancing blast of bitterness and light, earthy hops make this a delightful mate for mac and cheese. It's another beer that pairs well with cheddar, bringing both sweet and nutty flavors to the table. 

Tell us about your favorite way to serve up mac n' cheese.
Cheers to cheesy goodness!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Kelly Wedding

This wedding was beautifully shot by Perpixel Photography at The Muckenthaler Mansion. The couple had a great typewriting theme. Complete with centerpieces growing out of typewriters from Urban Gardener. One of the greatest features from the wedding was an over-sized automatic typewriter that continuously typed "Marry Me". It was lovingly hand built by the groom for his bride, and was an amazing statement piece of their love and certainly something they'll continue to cherish in their home.

 The bride thought of every last detail using a "Type" font for all of their stationary including the paper napkins that were used at the bar and handed to guests with the tray passed appetizers.

 A Beautiful Cake from our Cake Goddesses displayed with photos of the couple's parents' weddings.
Another successful dream wedding come true at 
The Muckenthaler Mansion...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dessert Displays

In contrast to the classic dessert course served table side, dessert displays are making more, and more of an appearance at events of all kinds. These displays serve as a fun alternative where guests can gather and enjoy! Dessert displays are much more then an ordinary buffet, they really showcase the food and get your guests excited about what they're going to be eating. Dessert displays can be a part of your reception after the traditional cake cutting, or a focal point for an entire event. Consider making the theme
 "Cocktails and Cupcakes" and you've got a party!

Photos courtesy of Lucero Photography
Not only are they fun but they're also a great opportunity to add some design flare to your party, and express the theme and mood of your event.  Because dessert displays generally only occupy one large table(depending on your guest count) or so, you can really take advantage of the limited space and dress it up with florals, accessories, and props.

You can really utilize a great dessert display to show off your personality, and the reason for the occasion. And of course the best part about a dessert display is you won't have to choose just one dessert!

All Desserts by: Colette's Cake Goddess