Monday, June 4, 2012

Dessert Displays

In contrast to the classic dessert course served table side, dessert displays are making more, and more of an appearance at events of all kinds. These displays serve as a fun alternative where guests can gather and enjoy! Dessert displays are much more then an ordinary buffet, they really showcase the food and get your guests excited about what they're going to be eating. Dessert displays can be a part of your reception after the traditional cake cutting, or a focal point for an entire event. Consider making the theme
 "Cocktails and Cupcakes" and you've got a party!

Photos courtesy of Lucero Photography
Not only are they fun but they're also a great opportunity to add some design flare to your party, and express the theme and mood of your event.  Because dessert displays generally only occupy one large table(depending on your guest count) or so, you can really take advantage of the limited space and dress it up with florals, accessories, and props.

You can really utilize a great dessert display to show off your personality, and the reason for the occasion. And of course the best part about a dessert display is you won't have to choose just one dessert!

All Desserts by: Colette's Cake Goddess

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