Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Cocktail Party

The Cocktail party is much more then cocktails it's a prime time for eating delicious food presented in unexpected ways. And It's a great way to host an event where the intentions are to have your guests mingle and meet, whether it be a wedding, fundraiser or just a fun party at home.


It used to be hors d’oeuvres were strictly served before a main meal. And only a few, like three or four, and nothing too intricate, as they weren’t meant to serve as your main course. Really, they were just a couple bites to take the edge off of the guests’ hunger as they arrived to the event. Then after 45 minutes to an hour, guests would be invited to sit down for a served multi-course meal where they would remain for hours. So much for the networking opportunities!

So as an alternative to this traditional party format we suggest delighting your guests with interactive food stations, specialized mini buffets,  gourmet displays, and passed  hors'odervers . Guests won't  even need to have a seat at a dinner table. Which means instead they can roam the party freely, and lounge in style with fellow guests.  Guests should be encouraged to munch while moving and mingling at their own pace, even while watching a first dance at a wedding or listening to a keynote presentation.

Food is(as it should be!) a huge part of the entertainment at weddings and parties. For good reason as it’s a huge part of the budget. But more importantly, food makes people happy. Giving guests an experience that incorporates their senses and engages their interest puts the spotlight back on the whole purpose of the gathering. To share, network and party!

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