Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Venue Spotlight - Soka University

Finding the perfect venue can be difficult, especially once you get over 200 guests. However this weeks featured venue; Soka University is beautifully accommodating even the largest of events.

In addition to a breathtaking backdrop, Soka University boasts several different areas on property that accommodate receptions, meetings, and conferences with guest counts as intimate as 25 and as large as 2,300. The location will wow your guests with it's amazing grounds, outstanding architecture, and of course a water feature or two. We're not only swooning over Soka University as an amazing event venue, but were kind of upset our colleges weren't this pretty! And if there were ever a place to re-live our college days this would be it. Except a much more romantic European style collegiate lifestyle with Yates, espressos, and cable knit sweaters! But I digress. I'll settle for a gala or two here instead. 
Just take a gander at these photos and you'll understand...


  1. How fabulous! The grounds and architecture are gorgeous...and that museum looks mighty interesting for a smaller gathering!

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  4. Awesome Venues ... The pics are amazing and I am sure that its fabulous for wedding parties. I attended the one of the wedding party in Greensboro event center that was also wonderful place.

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