Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Office Party

Holiday parties are a work place tradition that every one looks forward to all year long. Constantly satirized in sitcoms as the party where everyone gets a little crazy sometimes that's exactly what we need at work after a long year of sales, and meetings!
Many companies large and small choose to host their annual holiday party at the office. This party choice is usually a bit more on the casual side of things with cocktails and appetizers. This party style opens up the party to communicating between all of your co workers instead of having a more formal affair where guests sit with the same group all night.
Taking the time to transform your office space into a party atmosphere is something everyone in the office will appreciate. It's easily done by choosing a simple color scheme and sticking to it. Linens and rentals go a long way when your changing the look of your office. And through the magic of cooking the food is always available to add to your color scheme and theme.
Image via La Travola
Image via formdecor

Make everyone feel at home with traditional holiday fare. Consider adding a milk and cookies
bar as nod to old saint nick. An old fashioned yule log brings back warm memories. And who could forget the mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, and rolls, and everything else that makes the holidays so delicious!!

 Happy Holiday Planning!


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