Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Picnic Basket

With warm weather in the air and long summer days lingering on, it's the perfect time of year for a picnic.  Picnics hold a nostalgic spot in everyone's hearts whether they've ever been on one or not. And a picnic theme is a great idea for your company's summer events, as well as a great idea for a relaxed wedding or any social gathering.

A great way to host a picnic is to incorporate classic elements but with an updated twist. Just because it's a picnic doesn't mean it has to be full of tupperware and ziploc bags. It can still be as carefully executed as a black tie affair. Having servers tray pass appetizers on wood slabs, and serving your beverages in mason jars(which could definitely be filled with our signature lavender lemonade and and a citrus vodka for a great summer treat!) are perfect nods to the classic picnic.

For a buffet, try styling it to look like a traditional picnic spread with gingham linens and picnic baskets. Or instead of a buffet you can rent picnic baskets for each of your guests and have them filled with all of the food, china, and cutlery your guests will need to enjoy a picnic in the sun.
Another great idea is to do stations of all of the great BBQ foods everyone loves. With a self serve aspect your guests will feel like their at home. You won't have to make your guests sit on the ground to feel like a picnic either, you can rent wooden farm tables and benches for a rustic touch that's comfortable for everyone.
And don't forget dessert! Treat your guests to seasonal desserts like strawberry shortcake, a cobbler, or little individual pies, for the picnic feel we all wish we grew up with.

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