Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The New Cupcake in Town

So of course you know here at Colette's we already LOVE cupcakes, when the cake goddesses are making them who wouldn't?! But you may not know about our newest love affair with these cup sized cakes; we are mad about the newest food trend of savory cupcakes, Think more then actual cake and imagine lasagna made with fresh pasta, marinara, basil, Italian sausage, and fresh ricotta all in the adorable size of a cupcake! 

For breakfast imagine a perfectly portioned quiche inspired cupcake with a butter flaky crust and light fluffy eggs all in the adorable packaging of a cupcake!
Or try another classic comfort food and have our gourmet meatloaf "frosted" with our garlic thyme mashed potatoes.
Savory " Cupcakes" are perfect for a hearty appetizer or with your main course.
Either way were that much closer to our dream of eating a cupcake at every meal...

To get some of these tasty little treats at your next event call Dario and he'll help you out.
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  1. Cute and delicious, cupcakes make the dessert. Thanks for sharing!

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