Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shot, shots, shots!

Even though we're well out of college we just cant get enough shots at our parties. So there not exactly the same shots from back then, but they still make for a great party. Whether tray passed or set up as a fabulous station, your favorite foods served in shot glasses are a great addition to any event your hosting.
They can be served as appetizers during cocktail hour, a late night snack towards the end of your event or consider having a "shots" party and try them all!         
Starting with breakfast we're serving up "shots" of  french toast and maple syrup, and shots of espresso with mini doughnuts 
Add a chic mimosa bar and you've got yourself a truly fabulous brunch.

For those hot summer days around the corner we're serving chilled ''shots'' of veggie crudites and dips, fresh avocado and shrimp ceviche, and cold summer soups like our spicy gazpacho, kiwi and cucumber, and strawberry basil soup shooters.
And a more literal shot option are these bloody mary shots served with bacon wrapped scallops on bamboo skewers

 For a warmer treat its another appearance from our favorites; The Grilled Cheese served with creamy tomato soup, and from  
The Potato served as a fry with ketchup.

And we didn't forget about dessert either...
 Try a deconstructed cupcake with a thin layer of ganache on the bottom it's a sweet surprise for your guests. Or try a shot of milk with a chocolate chip cookie it's the perfect pick me up.

So put away the plates because we're taking shots!


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