Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eat Cake!


You've waited your whole life to get married, so why settle for  just one dream cake? 
 A new trend in wedding cakes is having multiples. This style of cakes creates a beautiful presentation for an outstanding cake table. This is a great option for couples with large and small guest counts, you just have to alter the size of the individual cakes based on the guest count. Multiple cakes allow the bride and groom to incorporate a variety of flavors and can be decorated individually or in unison to create an overall theme. Using a variety of stands of multiple heights will give your design flow and symmetry, making a dramatic overall presentation on your cake table.

You can mix up this trend even more and have one of your cakes larger than the rest. With a more unique design it can create a centerpiece for your cake table design. And the larger more pronounced cake can be the cake that you cut into for photos. The best part about this trend is that you don't have to just choose just one design, you get to have fun with your multiple wedding cakes! You can display your entire wedding color palette via the frosting on each cake, or you can stay with one color and experiment with patterns and textures.



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