Monday, November 12, 2012

Setting the Table

Thanksgiving is only a week away, and if your the one hosting the big event this year you might be beginning to panic. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday because it's really focused around a meal more then any other holiday, it's also one of the few times in the year when almost everyone pulls out the china and sets a gorgeous table! 

When it comes to setting the perfect holiday table everything from the centerpieces to the linen matters, it's all in the details. Your centerpieces are a great way to bring in color and texture to your table. You can also be creative with your centerpieceses and use fruits and sqaush, florals, leafs, feathers, sticks or even little nik naks from around the house. The color scheme you choose will really be impactful on the mood of your dinner as well. If you choose the colors in the bronze, gold, and burgundy family you'll create a very traditional feeling. Choosing unexpected color combos like aqua and brown are still earthy and appropriate for fall but are much more playful! For a simple and elegant feeling keep it contemporary with a monochromatic scheme.


Check out this handy diagram for setting your table properly for thanksgiving. This setting is for a formal meal that would involve multiple courses so if your eating family style with everything on the table at once don't worry about the salad plate/fork and you can get away with only one wine glass.

 As for the meal itself don't worry so much we've got you covered our chefs can make as much or as little as you want. Prepped and ready for pick up the night before. So you can sleep in, and enjoy your day with the family! With whole roasted turkeys, provolone potatoes, and fruity autumn salads who could ask for more.


  1. Very helpful diagram for proper place settings! Also love that last photo with the gourds-and-twigs centerpiece!

  2. Never thought of aqua for a Thanksgiving table...but it's very pretty with the browns!

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