Friday, November 9, 2012

Sip & Speakeasy...

Here at Colette's we've been researching and gearing up for 2013's wedding trends. One that we're most excited for is the 1920s Great Gatsby style that's on the horizon! But if you can't stand the wait (or aren't getting married) then why not host a Speakeasy Cocktail Party! Gatsby makes a perfect theme for a holiday party especially a glitzy New Years Eve party.
The old speakeasy door at the Muckenthaler

To host a swanky speakeasy all you'll really need is canapƩs, champagne, Manhattans and jazz music. Set the mood by embracing the art deco movement with bold geometric patterns. The style of the time was shiny and bold so using a sequin chevron linen (pictured above) is an excellent choice for creating your ideal party setting.

This speakeasy theme definitely lends itself to cocktails, and serving appetizers paired with a drink really elevates things even further.

This is an unexpected way of serving your favorite food and booze to your guests and we're sure Gatsby himself would be impressed!
For the holidays serve traditional menu items for all of your festivities and pair wine, beer, liqueur, or mini mixed cocktails based on flavors. The whole idea is that the pairings enhance each other. So spice it up with some moonshine as one of your pairings!
Don't forget to live it up and have your guests dress the part for a roaring good time!

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