Thursday, November 1, 2012

How do you like them apples?

It's fall which means it's also the ideal time for apples! And though we can't quite make it to every apple festival (and we really wish we could) we're still satisfying our craving for apples here at the shop.

In the case of apples we always want to start with dessert first as this fruit lends itself so well to so many of our favorite treats. From candy apples at every place setting to mini apple pies to go! Luckily the Cake Goddesses are making French apple caramel tarts which always a wonderful plated dessert at the end of a meal. For a little more fun at the end of the party why not try a caramel apple station? That's right CARAMEL APPLE STATION! We were excited too. Treat your guests and yourself to making your own caramel apple. With either whole apples or slices on a stick you can dip in caramel, chocolate, or both? and then top with candies, nuts, or maybe even bacon for our daring foodies out there. 

Moving backwards to the savory selections... It's been years since we've had pork chops and apple sauce at moms house, but it's definitely time to revisit this classic. We're cooking up pork loin with apple risotto for a taste of home with a twist.

And on the more casual side try a grilled cheese, with apples of course, brie, and prosciutto. And for those of us who think sugar is a perfectly acceptable food group you can also enjoy a caramel apple grilled cheese just nix the prosciutto and add a caramel sauce!

Now if we could just get apple cider out to come out of the tap...

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