Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Late Night Snack

It's Wedding Wednesday again our favorite day of the week! Actually any day we get to focus on food and parties is our favorite day of the week. A great wedding trend that we love is surprising your guests with a midnight snack during your reception. After dinner and cake guests will have danced themselves hungry again so serving a snack is a great pick me up to keep the party going. It also serves a purpose of soaking up some of that alcohol before the last dance.
Having a Midnight Snack at your wedding will delight your guests with savory foods or satisfy their sweet tooth either route you choose there's a variety of options. We've had everything from deli buffets, taco carts, to milk & cookies. The midnight snack can be a little bit more fun then the main course of the evening since you don't have to worry about pleasing everyone. You can also serve something that's special to you as a couple. If your first date was at a baseball game, why not serve hotdogs and crackerjacks as a nod to that special moment.
Whether you choose a plentiful snack buffet or one signature snack these midnight goodies are sure to be gobbled down after a night of festivities. Who can resist?

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